What is Big Bang : Creation Of Universe

Have you ever wondered what our existence is, how the universe was created, and how we have evolved so much today??

If we talk about how the universe was created, then there will be many theories related to it, but the most prominent and reliable theory among them is The Big Bang Theory but do you know what the Big Bang is, then let's go on a unique journey and know what is Big Bang?
Today, the only difference between humans and animals is intelligence. Man wants to find the answer to every question, that's why today he is the most intelligent creature. From the very beginning, our ancestors wanted to know what our existence is and how the universe was created? The oldest religion of the world, Hinduism has also many associated theories regarding the creation of the universe. Which is similar to today's Big Bang Theory, this Theory is called Vedic Rashmi Theory but we will talk about the Vedic Rashmi Theory later. Like Hinduism, other religions also have facts related to the creation of the universe.
We will know about how the universe was created and What is Big Bang Theory? but first, let's know what the universe is?

What is the Universe? 

Our Earth and eight other planets make up our Solar System. The main star of our Solar System is the Sun. Like our Solar System, there are billions of Solar systems present. All these Solar Systems combine to form a galaxy like our Milky Way. Like this, the whole galaxy together makes our universe. We cannot possibly tell what the universe is, but the universe is everything and everything is made of the universe itself.

What is Big Bang Theory?

George Lemaitre was the first to write about the Big Bang theory, his theory was based on the theory of Relativity, but due to the lack of any evidence, people did not accept it but the credit for proving this theory Goes to famous scientist Edwin Hubble. One night, Edwin Hubble was studying space with his telescope, he saw that galaxies are constantly moving away from us, that is, the universe is constantly expanding, so if we go back a little in time, it means that there was a time Will happen when the entire universe is confined in one center, And this is how the Big Bang Theory came into existence. This was the story of its existence, let us know what is the Big Bang Theory?
About 13.8 billion years ago, the entire universe was shrunk in a small center, then for an unknown reason, a great explosion occurred in it, due to which it started to expand and the universe was created. As I just mentioned, even today our universe is continuously spreading, this explosion emitted immense energy, the universe had spread 10 ^ 30 times in 1.36 seconds, and time and space came into existence after only 1.43 seconds of this explosion. And the smallest particles of nature, quarks, and photons, etc. were formed. And quarks etc. started to form protons, neutrons, etc. and now the universe had cooled down as before, slowly hydrogen was formed and from it, hydrogen itself became helium and then other elements.

What is big bang

After this, slowly the first star formed due to gases like Hydrogen, Helium, etc and Gravitation. Similarly, gradually our Milky Way and other galaxies formed. And thus our solar system also created.
After the formation of the solar system, our Earth shaped and then slowly marine eukaryotic organisms formed and the process of photosynthesis also started, which also started oxygenation in the atmosphere. After this, gradually the atmosphere of our earth started to become balanced and the reptiles started to form. The dinosaur era started after this, dinosaurs, mammals, animals, birds, flowers, etc. started to form, and then meteorites ended the dinosaur era, and after that chimpanzees, or say Past-human born. And since then we are constantly evolving.....And That's How Our Universe was Created.

Conclusion :

Even after knowing so much about the universe, we probably do not know anything. If we talk about what was before the Big Bang, no one knows the answer. By the way, we say that the entire matter and energy were present at one point called Singularity. But where did this material and energy come from to this point? Should there have been any civilization like the present-day even before the Big Bang, it could be that the singularity that we have been talking about is a black hole, it has encapsulated the entire universe if it comes true Maybe this is how we end and then the rise of a new civilization again. Thinking all these things makes me mad..

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