9+ Misconceptions which ternimate your creativity in Photography

Photography is not only the science of capturing light.It's also an artform.And the photographers don't take images,they make vivid and unique photos.

Mobile Photography

   Here in this article I will discuss about the myths or misconceptions about photography everyone faces when they start their journey.

• It's a hobby of Rich people:


Yes it's Correct that Photography is an expensive hobby. Modern cameras and lenses are so expensive.But only you need an pro one if you want to work professionally.For normal day to day life photoshoot you can start with any budget camera with kit lenses or even you can start with your smartphone.So stop blaming about your financial situation and gear.Start clicking with your friend,your phone.

• Better camera makes better images

Expensive camera setup

The most dominant myth about photography is only expensive pro level cameras can produce excellent images.It is correct that professional cameras give better dynamic range and better iso performance in low light.But to be honest cameras don't make images,it's the photographer behind the scene who captures the unique moments. 


     Surprisingly even budget cameras and smartphones can give unexpected results in proper lighting situation.I started my journey with a 2 MP phone camera which didn't have autofocus system.Still I use my new phone and I have taken a lot of interesting images with it.

• Photography is so easy:

I am not demotivating anyone.There is an another myth that Photography is so easy that anyone can master this skill.But practically it's not the case.It is a long journey of lot of hardwork and dedication.If you are not dedicated,you can't succeed in this field.So work hard,keep learning.Try to capture better than the previous shot.Be the better version of yourself everyday.One day you will be successful.

•  Exotic locations are good for Photography:

Exotic locations for Photography

Amature photographers initially think that better can can give better images.Just to give you example every landscape lover want to go to switzerland and wildlife lovers want to go to Costa Rica or Masai mara.But you can explore your local landscape and flora and fauna.There might be chances that you will get new species in your area or better landscape images showing natural phenomenon.

• More Megapixels give you better images:

Most of the camera manufacturing companies are selling their products by advertising that their products have more Megapixels.Don't be trapped in these marketing tactics.Yes more megapixels give you more resolution.But always you don't need those high resolution images.They just kill your memory card space.


     Having more megapixels in small sensor can produce noise.A 12 MP DSLR can produce much much better photos than 48 or 64 MP phone camera.So don't run behind Megapixels,concentrate more on sensor size.

• Professionals always use Manual mode:

Manual mode in Photography

Yes all the professionals use Manual mode most of the times for versatility.But I know many talented pro photographers who use semi pro modes like Aperture priority to get proper depth of field.Depending on the subject and lighting you can explore other modes as well.

• More images gives better images:

Most of us think that if we take 1000 images of a single subject,out of those we can get few best shots.But it's not the right process.It just fills the space of memory card.While clicking multiple photos we forget about our subject behaviour, composition techniques etc. So try to capture 10 good images with different perspective.There will be chances that you will get 2-3 best images.

• Rules of competition are must:

We get confused about the technicalities.We think that Rule of thirds , Leading lines, positive spaces are must.But you can break those rules to produce different perspective.Before that you have to master all the rules.

• Manual focus is better than Auto focus:

If you know the art of Focusing, MF will be the fastest option for you especially in critical lighting situations.But for moving subjects you can't use Manual focus.Let say in wildlife,street or sport Photography where your subject is continuously moving, Autofocus will be best option for you.Modern cameras are coming with very fast and accurate AF system.

• Post processing is not a part of photography

Many people think that post processing is not a part of photography and it's a cheating.But it's totally wrong.post processing is the heart of this artform.To express the details which a machine (camera) can't,post processing is necessary.Everyone has their different style of editing.Its like a cherry on the top of the cake.

       The above mentioned points are just myths.Don't take them seriously.Take more and more images with the equipment you do have.Be the best version of yourself everyday.One day you will succeed.Yes you will.......

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