All You Need To Know About Nanotechnology

 Everything we see around us is made up of atoms, whether it is cotton or iron, have you ever wondered why cotton is so soft and iron so strong?

The answer is an atomic structure. It means that the properties of any element can be changed by changing the structure of its atoms. Yes...This is possible by Nanotechnology. That is, iron can also become like cotton. Elements that we find insulators in the real world can also behave like semiconductors or conductors at the nano level. 

But Wait...What is Nanotechnology?
Is our future dependent on nanotechnology??

all about nanotechnology

• What is Nanotechnology?

The concept of nanotechnology was introduced by renowned physicist Richard Feynman on December 29, 1959. The term nanotechnology was used by Norio Taniguchi in 1974. In the field of science, we study everything from the vast universe to the electron, to study so many subjects science has been divided into many branches. If we talk about the scale, only one billionth of a meter is called nano, and particles sized 1-100  nanometer are called nanoparticles, due to the extremely micro size, chemical and physical properties of nanoparticles can be changed. The branch of science under which these nanoparticles are studied is called Nanotechnology.

•Definition Of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is that part of science and technology in which changes are made to the molecules of objects on the atomic and molecular scale.

•Applications Of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is used in every field Then whether it is medical, space, agriculture, Electronics, or energy.

1. Nanotechnology In Medicals

Nanotechnology is very useful in the field of medical, nowadays such types of particles are being made which are helpful in the treatment of many serious diseases like cancer, paralysis, etc.  Nanotechnology is also used in Elon Musk's Project Open AI. Wearable fitness technologies are also due to nanotech.

2.Nanotechnology In Energy

With the help of nanotechnology, we can make cleanly sustainable, and cheap fuels, long-lasting batteries, etc.

3.Nanotechnology In Space Science

With the help of nanotechnology, we can make lighter and lighter rockets, and as I said if we have a good source of fuel, then it will progress in space science.

4. Nanotechnology in Electronics

The use of nanotechnology will be seen everywhere in electronics, whether it is the touch screen of your mobile, Quantum Computing, or small parts of electronics. More than 5 billion transistors in a small chip are also due to nanotechnology. 


With the help of nanotechnology, we will get to see many unique things in the future like  Tiny Computers, Self Healing elements, Nanotech based fabrics, Fuels, wearable fitness technology, etc.

Just like everything has two sides, in the same way, the use of nanotechnology can also be fatal for us, yet we are not as successful in technology, even then we still have such dangerous weapons that can cause the collision of the entire human race, so think  What else can be done with the help of Nanotechnology?


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