What if we jump into a Black hole??

Whenever the concept of Black Holes comes into our mind, we think of a huge hole that devours everything even light inside its abysmal depth. But how are black holes formed and What if we jump into a black hole?

what if we jump into a black hole,black hole infpriests

What Is A Black Hole??

             A black hole is a celestial object with a very strong gravitational field. Which absorbs everything, even light can't escape Blackhole.

      Theoretically, any object can transform into a black hole if its compressed radius gets equal to its equivalent Schwarzschild radiusAccording to this theory, our Sun and earth can transform into a black hole if their radius is compressed to 3 kilometers and 9 millimeters respectively. 

Every object is made up of tiny atoms. There is also a very high interatomic space between them. If we compress any object too much the interatomic space will be fulfilled thus the object will be very much dense and it can be transformed into a black hole.

black hole image,event horizon

Types Of Blackhole

Depending on the structure, origin and spin Black holes can be of many types But, there are three main types of Blackhole.

1.Super Massive Black Hole

Supermassive black holes are mainly found in the center of the galaxies. These kinds of black holes are very large in size.

2.Stellar Mass Black Hole

This black hole is formed when the fuel of the very large stars is exhausted by burning.

3.Intermideate Mass Blackholes

These are very mysterious black holes. In terms of its solar sizes, they are smaller than the supermassive back holes and bigger than the stellar.

What if we jump into a Black Hole?

Till now we were talking about Black Hole. Now let's see what will happen if we jump into a black hole?

         The black part shown in this picture is called Event Horizon even light can't escape from it. The internal portion of it is called the singularity.

         If we jump into a black hole the first change we will notice that Time will slow down for us. This phenomenon is called time dilation

         If we enter Deeper we will notice that the light gets distorted and we will be filled by darkness. Later we will reach a place where we can see the light neither entering into the black hole nor scattering from the black hole, rather we will see the light rotating the Event Horizon. This place is called 'The photon Sphere'(Colored portion of the image). 

         If we enter more into singularity our body will be stretched like noodles because of high gravitational force this phenomenon is called spaghettification

Now no one knows what happens next. Maybe we will enter into a multiverse or we will die. Still, this journey will be very adventurous, and only lucky people will get this chance. I want this type of death and you?

Black Hole Real image
Credits: Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.

And this is a picture of the black hole in the center of the M87 Galaxy, drawn by the Event Horizon Telescope.

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