What is Gravity Why it Exist?

All the things present in the universe attract each other,  we understand what gravity is only in this one line but very few people talk about why there is gravity, Why it Exist ??
What is gravity

    In this blog, we Will talk about every fact related to gravity. 

Brief History of Gravity

Since ancient times, one thing is very prevalent in Hinduism that our earth rests on the funk of a snake called Sheshnag, yes I agree that this fact is completely wrong but we will talk about all the facts, right and wrong today.

By the way, our ancestors have always been saying that there is definitely some power that pulls the object towards itself. Bhaskaracharya also wrote in his book Siddhanta Shiromani that the earth does not rest on the Sheshnag tortoise or anything else if it Suppose the Earth is resting on an object, then the question arises that on which that object rests, the earth pulls heavy materials towards it with its own power.

After this time passed and this world got more than one scholar scientist but the scientist who had the biggest hand in the law of gravity was Galileo Galilei

Gallileo Vs Aristotle

The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that if two objects of different mass were dropped from a height, the object which would be heavier would fall first. From Aristotle this principle continued for the next several years but only Galileo opposed it. Galileo Told that whenever a body is dropped from above, it turns towards the earth with one control, the same remains for all objects, that is, if we remove external factors such as air friction etc. then dropping the object of two different masses will hit the earth at the same time. 
To be fair, there was probably no genius scholar like Galileo. Galileo was  proved that when an object is freefalled it would travel 5t squared distance in t second Which is Newton's second lawof motion. Newton's first law is also due to Galileo. Till now almost all scientists had done their work

Newton's Law of Gravitation

After this, Sir Isaac Newton said that not only the earth but every thing present in the universe attracts each other based on his fundamental discoveries and with this statement Newton gave the law of gravity.

 That is, if the force acting between two particles whose mass is M1 and M2 and the distance between them is R, is equal to G.M1.M2/R^2

Gravity Formula,Gravity formula images


Here G is a proportional constant whose value remains the same for all substances.

By now we have understood what is gravity, how was the discovery of gravity, who discovered gravity, but we still have not found the answer to our question Why Does Gravity exist.

Newton stated that each object was attracting each other, but Newton could not answer what caused this attraction.  Time passed and the great scientist Sir Albert Einstein solved this problem with his Theory of Relativity.
Albert Einstein defined Gravity by the concept of space-time, according to Albert Einstein, gravity is a curve in space-time. You may not have understood this very well and perhaps I cannot explain it to you through this blog, so let's do a little experiment first. You can also take this video if you want

    As shown in the video, Suppose space-time is not like a fabric on which our planet stars, satellites, etc. are located, so the larger the mass of the object, the more it bends the space-time, then this is the reason. Have you understood why gravity exists

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