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You must have done some search on Google at some time and after that, you will get to see many search results (Blogs/Websites)

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Have you ever thought about what is a blog? And why do people blogging?

how to start a blog

In today's blog,  I will tell you about what is the blog, why should you start blogging, how to make a blog and how to earn money from blogging, etc. First let's talk about what is a blog?

A blog is also a kind of website that has many types of pages and some of the content in these pages or you can say that there is a blog post, maybe you have got some confusing thing and here you can also think What is the difference between blog and website?

A website is made by combining many web pages. There are many things on a website like services about contact location blog etc. Here you should pay attention that if there is a blog on the website, then you must have understood that the blog and the website complement each other. 

If you have read about sets and subsets, then you understand that a blog is a subset of the website.
Now it is up to you whether to create a block or a website, if you want to provide any services, you need something else, then you can create a website, but if you want to write only contents, then you should create a blog.

By the way, in the blog too, you will get to see about things like contact, etc. Now you do not need to pay much attention to this topic, what is the difference between a website and a blog because there is probably no difference between the two.

Before starting blogging, you have to keep in mind that the game of copy-paste does not work here, if you think that you will copy some content and write it in your blog, then you can never be successful in doing so.

Before you start blogging, you should ask yourself what changes can I make through this blog as the competition here is probably more than big competitive exams. When you search for anything, you must have also seen that Google gets crores of results, but people do not see all, but only blogs that rank on the first or second page are always read, so there is a lot of competition here too.

Different people may have different reasons to start blogging, but you have to ask yourself why you should start blogging.

 If you are starting a blog only for the purpose of money then in the future you may not handle it.  My motive is not to demotivate you.

Here Are some reasons why you should start a blog?

1. Love Writing

Everyone gives a hundred percent in the blogging field, but maybe you also like to write and you can write even better than that in a field, if so, you must start blogging.

2. Fame

Through blogging you will be connected to many new people and if you are writing well, your network will grow as well as you will get a lot of fame.

3. Money

You can also earn a lot of money through blogging. Today there are many blogs and magazines that earn crores of rupees. There are many people who started blogs on their own. And he is also earning millions a month.

There are many ways you can create a blog. If you want a customized website according to your needs, then for that you will have to take help of web developer who will make your website with the help of programming and markup language like HTML CSS JavaScript etc.

But if you just want to create a blog, for that you will get many tools like Blogger WordPress Webly Wix etc. with the help of which you can create your website by just drag and drop. 

This method is the easiest and the best but the most prominent of these platforms is Blogger and WordPress. Recently, is also growing very fast.

How to start a  blog?

1. Google Blogger  is a product of Google, with the help of this you can create a blog for free, how to make a blog on Google Blogger, we will cover it in the next blog

2. WordPress is the most famous website, with the help of this you can very easily create a very good website with the help of drag and drop.

Additionally, Wix, weebly is such a big platform where you can easily create a website with Drag and Drop.

In this blog I have told you all the common things related to blogging such as what is the blog, why should you start blogging, how to make a blog, etc. 

Hope you will have understood all these things easily, even if there is any confusion in the mind then make sure to comment below :)

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