About Us

 We, Harshit Mishra and Sayantam Jana are welcoming and thanking all of you for visiting our website infopriests.com. We will try our best to satisfy you with proper answers to your questions and provide you the richest information.


Here we will discuss our journey and future plans for our website as well as for society.

Why we chose blogging?

We are friends for a very long time. Though we live in different states, our culture and language are different, still, we are connected internally.

 Our thought process is absolutely similar. We both have an interest in science, Technology, Nature and Photography. We love to study and write about the same topic in our native style.


We believe strongly that "The greatest killer of our growth is conformism".So we want to do something unique and exemplary. That's where blogging came into our minds.

We have chosen blogging for these reasons:

• To share our knowledge with the world and help people to understand complex concepts.

• To help in social awareness, help in sustainable development and conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

• Obviously we don't like 9 to 5 jobs. Frankly speaking, we didn't start our blog just for money. But who doesn't want money and fame!

Why infopriests??

We were very much confused while choosing our domain name. We had researched a lot before choosing the name infopriests.

We, the students, are the future of the world. We can change the world by implementing the theories we read in books. We are the priests of education. As our name suggests we are the priests of information. 

We will provide you not only the specific information according to your requirement, but also try to change your understanding completely.

How we made it possible?

We had started our individual blogs long ago. We had free subdomains provided by a reputed free blogging platform. 

We have learned a lot from our blogs. Hence we have implemented our knowledge and experiences to make this site. Before buying the domain we discussed a lot with each other. 

When we were done with every aspect, we bought our first domain. Then customized it and started publishing articles. We had faced many challenges initially but now we have overcome all the challenges and fears.

Challenges we faced initially:

Starting a website was very challenging for us. The challenges we had faced initially are...

• Fear of the unknown: we were very anxious about the future of our blogging journey.

• Lack of capital: we don't have the required capital initially. We managed the money with a lot of hard effort.

• Lack of experience: We don't have pro-level experience initially but with time now the problems are neutralized.

• Lack of technical knowledge like SEO and Backlinks.

Our Future targets: 

• Spread our site in every corner of the world and gain reputation.

• Publishing more informative content that has a direct or indirect impact on society and the environment.

• Help in social reformation like the alleviation of superstitions.

• Start our YouTube channel for providing more valuable information in every niche

• Settings up our start-up:

We have a great desire to establish our start-up. For now, we can't reveal more about this. But if you continue to support us like this, We will make it possible soon.

Thanking you all,

                               - Founders

If you have any queries regarding this site then feel free to contact us.




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